Wellness Associate

MMRS Inc. is seeking a Wellness Associate. He is responsible for coordinating DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 

Develops group curriculums on health, nutrition, spiritual, mental and exercise wellness practices. Facilitates (through volunteer recruitment/contract engagement and personal engagement) educational groups and programs related to mind and body wellness including but not limited to health, nutrition, spiritual/mindful and physical wellness practices.

- Assists clients in the areas of menu planning, cooking healthy meals, food storage, portion size and healthy food choices.

​- Assists clients in areas of spiritual development activities (including mindfulness practices) and mental wellness practices (including alternative therapeutic options – i.e. art therapy)

- Develops programming for physical and mental wellness activities.

- Develops and facilitates programs to engage clients in food growth and production.

- Identifies and communicates information about community resources for free physical and mental wellness activities appropriate for staff and clients

- Works cooperatively with other staff and volunteers to coordinate recovery oriented system of care activities that include nutrition, health and exercise.

- Identifies existing community recovery enhancement supports and encourages their use by persons in recovery.

Participates with community networks, coalitions, work groups (including cooperative relationships with 12 step and alternative recovery groups) in order to enhance the cooperative relationships and partnerships to provide clients and staff with additional options for healthy community engagement.
Enters information related to client demographics and program outcomes into a database.Assists with the creation of community events that promote recovery, health, nutrition and exercise.

Job Type: Part-Time (with the possibility of full-time) 
Salary: TBD
Required education: Minimum of a Bachelor's in Human Services, Wellness, Public Health or similar
Required experience: Prefer someone with some experience with or understanding of Substance Use Disorders and/or Mental Health Disorders. ​

​TO APPLY: PLEASE EMAIL a letter of interest along with your resume with subject line, "Wellness Coordinator" to: info@MMRSinc.org.

​POSTING DATE: October 2017

Mid-Michigan Recovery Services Inc. is An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

Residential Technicians
[direct care positions in our residential programs]

We are looking for part-time and relief staff

Qualified candidates will be passionate about serving individuals who have experienced poverty, injustice and abuse while struggling with addiction and mental health disorders.

Additionally you will have:
- Some knowledge of substance use and/or mental health disorders.

- Those with personal recovery experience should have at least 2 years of active abstinence/sobriety.
- The willingness to accept shift scheduled work in a residential setting;
- The ability to maintain group order and achieving active individual      
   listening and refocus of clients individually and in groups to ensure a
   positive structured therapeutic environment is maintained;
- The ability to manage a household effectively; knowledge of general
   administrative functions including daily schedule management, electronic
   communications, and documentation in writing and using MS Office, MS
   Outlook and agency databases.

Qualified candidates must have integrity. They will maintain strict confidentiality and be willing to dedicate themselves to achieving excellence in the best practices as we create, update and practice processes and procedures that provide excellent therapeutic care; health and wellness education and provisions in a safe and stable residential environment.

Finally the right person for the job knows that nonprofit work is an avocation as well as a job. When you send your resume and cover letter you will be prepared to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of residential/group management and active listening to help initiate problem solving in an active residential/household environment professionalism and administrative savvy.
As we dedicate ourselves to demonstrate and practice we achieve learning and growth! Send your resume AND cover letter to the attention of: Jessica Robinson, Executive Director at: ChangeAgentApplication@mmrsinc.org

POSTING DATE: October 2017

Residential Manager/Coordinator (Clinicial Supervision)

MMRS Inc. is seeking a Residential Programs Manager to provide oversight/management of one of our residential treatment program(s). Duties include active coordination and management of program services including clinical, technical, case management and peer support staffing; therapeutic and community service planning/provision and residential operations and facility upkeep.

Reporting to the Executive Director and Assistant Director/Clinical Manager, the Residential Programs Manager serves as a member of our leadership team and will collaborate with other program manager(s) and assist with strategic planning, contract and grant management community partnerships in order to expand/strengthen provisions of ROSC oriented - integrated therapeutic, wellness and educational programming. This position is responsible for assuring that supervised staff, facility and clinical records meet or exceed licensing, accreditation and agency standards.

Mid-Michigan Recovery Services provides residential treatment for community members struggling with chronic substance use disorders (addiction) and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our programs are conducted in a home-like residential environment with 24/7 support/staffing. Clients are provided psycho-social therapy, integrated healthcare services and skill based education in general household management, nutrition, and life-skills including employment/financial skill building, etc. In addition we provide peer-support and case management to ensure strong connections to community/recovery supports and to assist clients in building strong/supportive relationships

If you are in recovery yourself we would like to see at least 24 months of continuous abstinence and active engagement in recovery/support activities.

This position is part of the management team required to respond on-call for program services to ensure appropriate oversight/management of year-round 24-hour care.

Job Type: Full-time
Salary: TBD
Required education: Master's
Required experience: Clinical supervisory: 2 years; Clinical: 4 years
Required license or certification: State of MI Licensure and/or CAADC, CCS or Developmental plan

TO APPLY: PLEASE EMAIL a letter of interest along with your resume with subject line, "Program Manager" to: info@MMRSinc.org.

POSTING DATE: October 2017

Call Today: 517.887.0226 or Toll Free: 800.337.2310
We accept insurance and also have no barriers for those without. 


Qualified candidates will become an integral part of a growing/changing organization and will embody our mission: 
"Committed to inspiring hope by providing a safe environment - teaching and modeling healthy lifestyles for all impacted by substance use disorders. We KNOW recovery is possible!"


Are you passionate about empowering people who have experienced poverty, injustice and abuse while struggling with addiction and mental health disorders?

Additionally you will have:
- Education and knowledge of substance use and/or mental health
- Those who are in a personal journey of recovery should have at least 2   years of active abstinence/sobriety;

Our therapists [counselors] are primarily responsible for providing assessments, education, individual and group counseling for persons with substance use disorders enrolled in Mid-Michigan Recovery Service Inc.'s treatment programs.

These staff members serve as the primary contact for our clients helping them to integrate and grow in individual treatment and group programs to which they are assigned. These individuals work closely with the client, other program staff and agency referral sources to create and implement a comprehensive person centered treatment plan and coordinate services to support individual recovery and growth.

TO APPLY: PLEASE EMAIL a letter of interest along with your resume with subject line, "COUNSELOR APPLICATION" to: info@MMRSinc.org.

POSTING DATE: October 2017