We understand that every person is unique. Our philosophy is based on a holistic methodology and evidence based practices. Each person requires a personalized approach for substance use treatment and recovery. Our commitment is to approach a treatment plan with each individual; tailoring the plan to goals set with each individual for an effective and personal path to overcoming addiction. We KNOW recovery is possible. We know because our staff is not just a staff committed to service in recovery, but many of us are in long term recovery ourselves.  In fact over the years we've hired past clients who are talented, successful and passionate about recovery!

Mens transitional Housing


Are you wondering if you really do have a problem with substance use?

Mid-Michigan Recovery Services Inc. provides comprehensive confidential assessments and we are happy to answer questions and help to provide you with information not only regarding our services, but to help you navigate the best choices in treatment and refer you to
a variety of our partner agencies as needed. Please contact us for more information. 

Recovery involves a new future vision for life and gaining new life skills. Working through specific issues and continuing to learn and grow can be enhanced with a certified Recovery Coach/Navigator.

Sponsors in 12-step programs focus on the steps and traditions to help people stay clean and sober. Recovery coaches are not affiliated with a 12-step program. They provide focus and engagement with present and future issues as clients make lifestyle changes and address individual goals. This includes helping clients engage and connect in a variety spiritual, mental and physical health supports. . 

Wondering where to find meetings or community events where sober people are hanging out and having fun?

Do you need help with housing, finances or support services as you grow in health and success in recovery? 

Our residential program is in a home-based center with a highly structured treatment environment, It provides the firm foundation necessary for a lasting recovery.

We have men's and women's facilities each hosting up to 14 clients. Our services are designated for adults age 17 and older. Our programs offer 24 hour care for clients.

Upon entering treatment, clients receive a comprehensive bio-psycho-social assessment and individualized treatment plan. Clients will learn about addiction as a disease and build life skills and skills to help them avoid relapse into active use of alcohol and other substances.

While in treatment clients have the opportunity to build a support network in the community and healthy interests and leisure activities that do not involve alcohol or other drugs.Clients will also have the opportunity to begin to address any related medical, legal, family, employment and housing issues.  

Our strong relationship with the 12-step communities introduces clients to the programs and fellowships of recovery that have maintained the best long term success for a healthy lifestyle in long-term recovery.  Clients have the opportunity to attend meetings and begin relationships with sober members of the programs to engage in active 12-step recovery relationships.

Programming includes: 

  • Group & Individual Therapy
  • 12-Step Meetings and Recovery Networking 
  • Stress & Anger Management Didactic's
  • Nutrition, Parenting & Life Skills Education
  • Physical Health Activities
  • Cultural & Recreational Outings
  • Educational/Vocational Counseling & Assistance

The CABHI Program provides access to permanent supportive housing without any sobriety requirements.

Mid-Michigan Recovery Services Inc. is a representative for this program in the tri-county area. This program is geared to assist those who have experienced chronic homelessness and have chronic substance use and/or mental health disorders. It is a program for families and individuals. 

There are necessary assessments required in order to check for eligibility, but the only requirement for this program is that the individual or family can adhere to lease stipulations. It is simply in place to help with the most basic human needs in order to help reduce the harms associated with chronic disease.

Recovery Coaching Services

Outpatient services

Early Intervention AND SUPPORT GROUPS

We are committed to inspiring hope by providing
a safe environment - teaching and modeling healthy lifestyles
​for all impacted by substance use disorders. 

We KNOW recovery is possible!

Often those who have suffered chronic substance use and co-occurring disorders find you need as much extra support and encouragement as possible. If you have experienced homelessness or isolation from a supportive community environment it can help to live in a transitional house with fellows who are also recovering and seeking to build accountability and friendships while working on other barriers which interfere with the goal of moving to safe, permanent housing. 

Our outpatient programs offer an individualized approach for each client.

Clients will receive a comprehensive bio-psycho-social assessment and individualize treatment plan which may include a selection of modalities to meet individual needs.

We work with the courts to provide confidential court assessments and one-day Highway Safety Seminars for individuals who need to complete court-assigned education and treatment for alcohol and other drug problems. 

Services include:  

  • Confidential Assessments
  • Confidential Court Assessments:
  • Individual Counseling
  • Intensive Outpatient Services
  • Thinking Matters CBT Program
  • Group Based Therapy
  • Highway Safety (1-day) Seminars Providing Alcohol and Drug Education\
  • Peer Recovery Coaching Services

Residential Treatment Services

Mental Health Crisis Call
Toll Free: (800) 372-8460
24 hours a day

Philosophy of Care

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We accept insurance and also have no barriers for those without.