Our programs are run as large active family-oriented residential households so there is always a need of durable goods. These needs include: 

  • Kitchen goods: new dishes and silverware in sets of 14 are appreciated. New baking dishes, pots and pans that are durable and larger enough to prepare food for 12-14 adults. 
  • Bed and Bath Goods: New Towels, Washcloths and Twin-sized Sheet Sets, blankets and comforters.
  • In the winter: Mittens/Gloves, Hats and Scarves are appreciated.

  • April is Alcohol Awareness Month
  • May is National Prevention Week
    • Unite to Face Addiction hosts a Recovery Rally at the Capital.
  • August 31 is National Overdose Awareness Day
  • September is National Recovery Month​
  • November is National Homelessness Awareness Month


You can provide opportunities for more members of the community to engage in the services we provide and to be provided with supports for lasting recovery with a direct tax-deductible donation: 

Cooperation with the Lansing Area 12-Step Communities

(12-Step Service Opportunities)

Our clients are provided encouragement and transportation to connect to the 12-step communities around the Greater Lansing community on a daily basis while they are in treatment. To enhance these relationships we encourage clients to establish and build an active personal connections to the fabulous recovery communities here in the Greater Lansing area through participating in a sponsorship relationships.

In these efforts we are always looking for strong members of the recovery community to provide sponsorship for our clients. 12-step community members who volunteer to sponsor are not directly affiliated with our program or services. We are simply grateful for the service work of active members of the 12-step community with at least two years of continuous sobriety/abstinence who offer to provide an introduction to their 12-step program fellowship; carrying clients to meetings individually, allowing our client to begin to establish supportive one-on-one relationships with active members of the recovery community and helping clients to gain an understanding of the 12-step program(s) sponsorship relationship and the fellowship at large. 

If you would like to volunteer to sponsor one of our clients please contact us at: