Lansing, Mich., June 6, 2023 – Mid-Michigan Recovery Services announced today that, thanks to generous funding led by the Joe D. Pentecost Foundation, it will have a new central office for its work helping people to recover from drug and alcohol disorders.

Over the coming months, the nonprofit agency will move administrative staff, outpatient counselors and supporting staff to a building currently used by an information-technology services firm at 316 Moores River Drive.

MMRS is purchasing the new building and will add office spaces to accommodate its counseling and administrative staff. Founded in 1960, the nonprofit agency provides recovery services in the city of Lansing, and is currently headquartered at 913 West Holmes Road.

 “In addition to improving access in a peaceful setting, this allows us to lower our costs as we continue providing homegrown solutions to the national plague of the drug and alcohol disorders that have become the third lead cause of death,” said Patrick Patterson, executive director of Mid-Michigan Recovery Services.

The building will be an appropriate testament to the community-sustaining legacy of the late Joe D. Pentecost, Patterson said. Victor W. Loomis, Jr., board president of the foundation, agreed.

 “Joe would be pleased to see this day,” Loomis said. “The lifesaving work of Mid-Michigan Recovery Services is an ideal fit with our mission to support and enrich the educational, social and economic life of the greater Lansing.”

 In addition to the Pentecost Foundation, other supporters of the project include the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Dart Foundation, River Caddis Development and Emergent Biosolutions.

Although the agency has obtained funding to purchase and renovate the building, it needs to raise funds for operations to save and renew more lives. The announcement event this week also serves as a kickoff to its annual fundraising campaign, Shine A Light. The theme this year is Welcome to a New Day, which will culminate in an event at the new headquarters on Sept. 28.​

Executive Director Patrick Patterson, left, is joined by Victor W. Loomis, Jr., board president of the Joe D. Pentecost Foundation, at the announcement on June 6, 2023, of the new headquarters for Mid-Michigan Recovery Services.

Announcing The Pentecost Center: A New Home for Recovery

more photos from the new location and our announcement event