​​​What is the intake process like?

You’re concerned about what to expect from rehabilitative treatment?  You’re not alone.  According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) Over twenty-one million people were in need of treatment for substance use disorders in 2015. Considering a life changing step like rehabilitation from active substance use can be scary. 

What is rehabilitation? 

Making a decision to accept help in rehabilitation from active substance use is the best possible choice an individual can make for recovery.

Specialty agencies like Mid-Michigan Recovery Services  engage clients in group and individual therapy sessions and active case management and peer support using evidence based programming and active community support to facilitate change and allow the client to develop necessary skills and tools. Each client is treated holistically; as an individual. We do not merely address addiction. Our work together will concentrate on identifying skill and basic needs deficits as well as any underlying trauma or mental health issues to create an active plan for addressing any issues that would cause a relapse into active use. This allows each client to gain hope and support; build resiliency and practice skills and connecting with community supports and resources, in securing a healthy active recovery lifestyle. 

You may ask, "Do I NEED rehabilitative services? 

Those who are addicted and/or abuse substances need rehabilitation. Professional help is essential for those battling co-occurring disorders like a mental illness in conjunction with substance use disorders. Approximately half of all severely mentally ill individuals also have a substance use problems. 

Our staff members are compassionate, respectful and understanding. We encourage you to call us today and begin the intake process. We are here to support you.

Mid-Michigan Recovery Services Inc. offers several types of rehabilitative services: 

  • Early intervention
  • Long-term residential
  • Outpatient
  • Intensive Outpatient
  • Sober living facilities
  • Housing support services to individuals and families struggling with homelessness and chronic substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders

There is the potential for addiction in all community members. Genetic predisposition may cause one person to be more likely to fall prey to addition, but no one is exempt. 

There are plenty of addicts who weren’t raised in homes where drugs and alcohol were abused and don’t have addict parents. Upbringing and biology are only part of the equation. The chronic illness weaves itself into the lives of people who begin use of alcohol and or other drugs as either a coping mechanism or to treat physical or mental illness. At some stage the use can grow and become a dependence and or chronic addiction. The foundation upon which someone functions, once dependent, leaves the individual feeling ashamed, remorseful, depressed, anxious and afraid. In many cases individuals also experience pain. Recovery may involve providing access to detoxification and/or medication assisted treatment to address physical

Our Intake Process

The intake is an interview process that serves to admit you into a given substance abuse treatment program. During the intake process, you will meet with a counselor or therapist. We will review medical history — including mental health history — and sometimes a physical exam and mental health screening will be requested from your primary care physician or scheduled with our medical director or with the VOA Sparrow Medical Clinic. You’ll be asked about the circumstances surrounding your substance abuse, such as events that led to it and additional questions regarding trauma and abuse. 

Clients may feel a certain level of shame over their mental health and substance abuse habits; you may be inclined to lie during their intake interview, especially when asked questions that cause you to feel embarrassed. False statements about your addiction, such as lying about how often you use a drug or how how much you use, can seriously hinder your development in the program right from the start. It is vital to be open and honest from the start for your treatment success. 

Remember, everything divulged during the intake process and the rest of the course of treatment is completely confidential. We use the information gathered during the intake to develop an individualized treatment plan. We know that each client has different needs.

Financial circumstances and payment options are also reviewed at this time.