A message from Executive Director Patrick Patterson

Hope is our foundation at Mid-Michigan Recovery Services.
We are not shy about this. It’s right there in our lighthouse logo, reaching out across storm-tossed seas of despair and proclaiming: We are always here for you. We can help.

​We also are realistic about the conditions faced by those we are trying to reach. We know our light shines brightest in the darkest hours.

And so, we invite you to add your light to ours, to reach out across the darkness, and lead others to the hope of daylight on the horizon.

We see proof of this every day: The mom reunited with her children. The young man getting job training for employment and independence. The countless clients who for the first time have a bank account, a primary care physician, a supportive community and all the other resources necessary to regain a stable, rewarding life.

We are buoyed by the joy of seeing this happen time and again. You can find other examples and reasons for hope in our latest newsletter.

We engage in this work with the certain knowledge that recovery is possible for all.

If you share that belief, I hope you will consider a year-end contribution to our cause. As the region’s largest non-profit provider of recovery services, we count on community support to serve those in need.

Working together, we can make our lights shine all the brighter.

The isolation and despair of the pandemic has created a perfect storm for those struggling to break free from the grip of drugs and alcohol.

The evidence is everywhere, including the grim milestone that our nation hit this year, exceeding 100,000 annual overdose deaths for the first time. In Michigan, overdose deaths increased 18% between April 2020 and April 2021. And overdose data is only part of the picture. We at Mid-Michigan Recovery Services know the long-term devastation of substance dependence, how it tears apart families, communities and lives.

This makes the lifeline we offer, the light of hope that we shine, all the more important.