Addiction recovery can be the most difficult journey anyone will ever take, even under the best of circumstances. The historic disruption of COVID-19 is making that challenge even tougher. But Mid-Michigan Recovery Services has always been about providing hope – especially in the darkest of times. We remain committed to continue walking alongside the men and women we serve, knowing this is more important now than ever.

The coronavirus has temporarily robbed us of one the most essential components of recovery: human connection. We’re working to maintain those connections while also protecting the safety of clients, staff and the community.

This has required some extraordinary effort and a bit of ingenuity.

Our team meets daily to monitor the situation and develop responses. We’re following normal operations for intakes. Call us at (517) 887-0226 or email us at, leave a name and number and we'll get back to you.

Serving needs where they are

At a time when people with addiction are struggling to access services, our team is doing whatever it can to help. This includes offering peer-recovery coaching to people waiting for residential treatment.

We are not reimbursed for this service, but believe it is essential to help those at a critical stage in their recovery – those just leaving detox, or completing a residential program, or those on increasingly long waiting lists because of provider restrictions. By connecting them with a peer recovery coach, our hope is to help them find courage and an ally among the chaos and anxiety of our current moment in history.

Maintaining community

As a substance abuse treatment agency, Mid-Michigan Recovery Services is a medical provider and therefore an essential service exempt from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order. But unlike other medical providers, we face an additional challenge: Recovery depends on community. It relies on being connected to a group.

This is where we have combined precautions with innovations.

We have moved our outpatient counseling sessions to telehealth, allowing them to be conducted remotely instead of in-person. We continue to explore options that offer the most evidence-based solutions.

All our residential treatment houses have established protocols to ensure safety of residents and staff. This includes the availability of personal protective equipment, screening and disinfecting procedures, and options for in-house isolation. We continue to accept referrals, but we have a wait list. We need to take extra care with discharges at this time of economic disruption, to make sure clients have safe destinations lined up. We also are closely watching capacity to support social distancing precautions.

United in compassion

It has quickly become clear COVID-19 is leaving no part of our lives untouched, turning routines we used to take for granted into struggles. As we all do our part to push past this health challenge, we ask that you remember those who already were struggling. They could use your prayers, encouragement and support.

Each of us has had moments of doubt, even despair, for how we will emerge from this crisis. Imagine confronting those doubts while also struggling with addiction. It is more important than ever that we offer that light of hope.

We can offer that hope with confidence because we at Mid-Michigan Recovery Services have always believed that a better future is possible. Always.

We wish you courage and good health, knowing that together we are stronger, and together we will prevail.​

hope when it's needed most