Our region's new home for recovery: The Pentecost Center


A message from Executive Director Patrick Patterson

What a year it has been for us at Mid-Michigan Recovery Services.

Most importantly, our staff continued to show resiliency and perseverance in the fight against an ongoing epidemic of alcohol and drug diseases. The examples in our latest newsletter barely scratch the surface of the inspiring, life-saving work they perform daily.

Second, we reached a goal I have told you about previously. Today we have a new home for recovery: The Pentecost Center!

Named for our lead donor, the Joe D. Pentecost Foundation, this building is perfectly suited for our work. It’s centrally located on the banks of the Grand River, next door to tranquil and historic Moores River Park. It’s a former elementary school with rock-solid construction and plenty of room for everything we plan to accomplish as we transform this into a safe place of community, comfort and healing.

What’s more, owning this building debt-free reduces our costs as we shift from leasing space to ownership.

The Pentecost Center symbolizes the hope we have always provided, just as it represents our promise to do even more.

But hope and promise are nothing without action. And so, we still need the support of our community and donors to fund the programming that will fill this new building. We need support for the hard, soul-searching, life-saving work that will take place there.

We had two opportunities to celebrate our new home this year. In June, we gathered to recognize our capital donors who helped us acquire the building. And in September, we used our annual Shine A Light celebration as an open house to thank the donors who help fund the work that will take place at The Pentecost Center and our locations across Lansing.

At both events, we spoke about how this was a New Day for Recovery. It truly is that, because now we can create a place of welcome, a known destination with board-certified medical care for those suffering from drug and alcohol disease.

It’s important to acknowledge that this building is just the beginning.

What’s going to make a real difference in the years ahead — what’s going to fulfill this dream of a New Day for Recovery — is the work that will take place inside this building. This work is done by a remarkable group of people, a staff of professionals, supported by donors, who are tirelessly dedicated to  the men and women we serve.

That’s how we go about building that better future for Mid-Michigan.

We still have our work cut out for us. There’s a lot to do. But we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity ahead. I remain humbly grateful to all of you who join us in this cause.

Wishing you a blessed, peaceful, healthy 2024.

— Patrick